The Top 5 Things To Expect From A JOGA Session

February 14, 2018

Whether it's your first JOGA Session or your 500th, we pride ourselves on delivering athletes what they crave: consistency and results.  Our methodology and movement system is much more unique than your average yoga class or strength training session.  Below are the top 5 things to expect from a JOGA session.


We begin every session with a breathing exercise that activates the parasympathetic nervous system, so while we move throughout the session, the mind remains calm and non-reactive. Every coach will preach the benefits of belly breathing, which will provide you with some take home tips that will help minimize stress in your life off the mat. 




 JOGA Coaches cue the body throughout the entire session.  In doing this, Coaches are ensuring your focus remains on your body instead of in your head. 45 minutes of focus on the body means a 45 minute break from your thoughts. Meditating even when you don't think you're meditating. 





 Static/long stretches do not make sense for a tight/athletic body. Athletes are meant to be tight in order to be explosive and agile.  All JOGA postures are active in movement and engage the core to prevent athletes from sinking into their joints, over-stretching and ultimately pulling a muscle.  Keeping everything engaged ensures safety. We don't care if you can't touch your toes! 




 Every session is not just a work-out/sweat session.  Coaches use this opportunity to teach you about your range of motion, and how to notice imbalances within your body.  Coaches cue and lead you through the session and also provide you with tools you can apply in your day to day life. 




 Post-session, expect to feel rejuvenated, relaxed and prepared to take on whatever sh*t comes your way.




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